June 19, 2017

Having a hard time communicating your program’s story and results to your board or funders? Let Via help!

We understand the value of engaging stakeholders with your project – a large piece of which means understanding data and evaluation. Have you ever sat down to dinner and appreciated the picture in front of you? The salad, dinner, and bread plates have their own space along with all the utensils and glasses. Not only is it organized and visually appealing, it’s hands-on and right in front of you. Add the food, and you have all you need for a conversation-filled, enjoyable meal! At its core, a data placemat is just that; a visual display of thematically grouped information in the form of charts, graphs, and quotes. Add the data, a.k.a. your dinner, and you have all you need for a productive stakeholder meeting. Placemats allow evaluators and program directors to share program updates (like enrollment, attendance, mid-year grades, etc.) as well as preliminary evaluation findings in a collaborative, visual way.

For those of you needing to track larger sets of metrics or share more data more often, consider a data dashboard! If you would like more information on how Via could work with your organization or program to develop data placemats or dashboards, contact us at (716) 362-0627 or by email info@viaeval.com