Quality Evaluators with 20+ Years of 21st CCLC Experience

Spend more time focusing on your program(s) and families while we handle your data, requirements, and other evaluation needs.

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We're the Quality Evaluators.

We know how important your program(s) are and ensure our work reflects that. We will provide EZ Report collection support, show how other programs run, and help you know what's required by NYSED.

More Than Just Requirements.

We know the requirements but is that really enough? When you work with us you will have a collaborator who provides data that makes sense, helps with programming decisions, and provides program planning assistance.


When you work with VIA, you’re working with 21st CCLC Expert evaluators.


We won’t leave you waiting for answers. We get back to you quickly.


Every organization has different needs. We respond to your specific needs.

Places We've Worked on 21st CCLC

Schools | Community-Based Organizations | Non-Profits

What Makes VIA Different?

Well… We have:
  • 20+ Years of 21st CCLC
  • NY Statewide Understanding
  • 24+ Years of External Evaluation
but, beyond that, we genuinely love working with communities to make a difference.

Who Will I Work With?

You will never have to worry about working with a random evaluator. We have a team of Research Associates that work with our 21st CCLC expert Emily Hagstrom. Emily will be your point of contact to provide guidance, answer questions, and any other general needs.

I Need a Data Manager. Can You Be Our Data Manager?

We sure can! You can email Emily for more information about how VIA can with you as your data manager.

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Senior Evaluation Project Manager

Email : Emily@viaeval.com

Mailing Address: 325 Delaware Ave, Suite 100

Phone: 716-362-0627