June 5, 2017

It was all a matter of science earlier this month at Valley Community Center. Here is an “experiment”: Take a bunch of (properly supervised) children and let them explore in the Buffalo Science Museum until their hearts are content. What results do you get?

The staff of Valley Community Association decided to run this experiment on Friday, May 5th, and the team at Via Evaluation was pleased when Valley’s Director of Development and Youth Services, Lori Overdorf, extended an invitation to the Via team to bring our kids along to join in the fun.

As part of Valley’s overall 21st Century Community Learning Centers programming, and in partnership with the Buffalo Science Museum, the children of Valley’s after-school program explored every inch of the science museum after having their fill of pizza! They strummed guitars and learned about how they are built, constructed various things from wooden blocks, explored the rich biodiversity of our world, and saw and felt the effects of motion. So, what results did the “experiment” yield? Food, friends, fun…and learning!

Thank you to Lori and the staff at Valley Community Association for inviting the Via Team to join in the fun! (Psst…It was NOT only the kids that had fun that night!!!)