January 30, 2014

The New York State Education Department (NYSED) recently released a Request for Proposals for Mathematics and Science Partnerships (MSP) grants. The RFP is available here. Approximately $24 million has been designated for the grant line over the next two years.

The grant provides a great opportunity for districts to obtain substantial resources to enhance their MSP-related school activities. The RFP requires a Local Education Agency (LEA) or a Charter School (or a consortium) to partner with an Institute of Higher Education to support and enhance content knowledge and instructional practices among math and science teachers in high-need districts or charter schools.

The grant also requires an external, or third-party, evaluator. Via Evaluation (as Ciurczak & Co., Inc.) has co-authored and evaluated large grants for this funding line, using quasi-experimental methodology. This RFP provides valuable points for a quasi-experimental design. We also have presented at a national conference, at the invitation of the US Department of Education, about our data tracking procedures and tools for a previous MSP grant.

Grant applications are required to be postmarked no later than March 7th, 2014.

Via Evaluation is an evaluation firm that works with community based organizations, schools, and others to improve quality of life in communities. Our experience includes work with several teacher professional development, MSP, and STEM programs across New York State.

Please contact us if you are interested in discussing our role in your MSP grant. We look forward to hearing from you.