February 10, 2014

The Michigan Department of Education (MDE) recently released a Request for Proposals for 21st Century Community Learning Centers (21st CCLC) after-school program grants. The RFP is available here.

The grant requires an external, or third-party, evaluator. Via Evaluation has worked with dozens of clients as part of the grant writing team to craft winning grant proposals in 21st CCLC and many other grant lines. Our evaluation sections and related contributions often score maximum points. As part of the grant writing team, we help clients craft SMART, meaningful objectives specific to their programs. We also lead completion of the evaluation section, and contribute to sections reliant on data.

We have evaluated over 50 unique 21st CCLC grants, funded by each round of 21st CCLC across New York State. Via Evaluation is familiar with the Michigan Local Evaluator Resource Guide and the Current RFP. Relevant to 21st CCLC, Via Evaluation is involved with several after-school networks, is a member of the National Afterschool Association, and has presented at the National 21st Century Community Learning Centers Summer Institute. We have provided training on program quality improvement tools similar to the YPQA, and have received training on using the YPQA.

Grant applications are required to be postmarked no later than February 24th, 2014.

Via Evaluation is an evaluation firm that works with community based organizations, schools, and others to improve quality of life in communities. Our experience includes a variety of projects relevant to after-school programs.

Please contact us if you are interested in discussing our role in your 21st CCLC grant. We look forward to hearing from you.