April 24, 2013

As part of his statewide effort to transform business practices to better serve the people, Governor Cuomo put forward a key initiative to streamline the State grants process. State agencies are working together to develop a uniform grants contract for use in most grant transactions, multi-year contracting is becoming a priority, and the design of a statewide grants management system is underway. The overall goal is to;

bullet_list_img Simplify grants management

bullet_list_img Streamline contract processes and standardize terms and conditions

bullet_list_img Facilitate more timely payments to Not-for-Profits

bullet_list_img Improve the effectiveness and accelerate performance of local grant programs

bullet_list_img Improve compliance with State and Federal legal and audit requirements

An updated version of the NYS Master Contract for Grants (PDF) was released on April 14th, 2013. The new version contains updated language pertaining to vendor responsibility. Changes are limited to the Standard Terms and Conditions section. Further details on implementation will be provided in an upcoming Budget Bulletin. For more information please follow this link.