October 13, 2016

Ba Zan Lin (Lin) will be presenting an oral session on “Leadership and Civic Engagement of Myanmar Refugee Students in the United States: Experiences, Influences and Aspirations” at the 8th Asian Conference on Education of the International Academic Forum (IAFOR) on October 20th.

International Academic Forum

IAFOR provides new perspectives to thought leaders and decision makers of today and tomorrow by offering constructive environments for dialogue and interchange at the intersections of nation, culture, and discipline. The conference will take place at the Art Center in Kobe, Japan, and includes sessions on social justice issues in education, international comparative research, teacher education, and meeting academic needs in a global and digital era.

Lin’s Work

As a doctoral student at the University at Buffalo, Lin conducted extensive qualitative research on leadership and civic engagement of refugee and immigrant youth in the United States. His presentation at the Eight Asian Conference on Education will highlight the social, communal and academic factors that influence Myanmar refugee youth in their leadership aspirations and civic engagement activities in their newly adopted country.