October 24, 2014


Gary Ciurczak attended his second Grant Professional’s Association Conference in Portland, OR last week, October 16th – October 18th. There were many very interesting and helpful presentations with ideas that could immediately help any grant proposal. Part of any evaluator’s responsibility is to help inform the field of evaluation. To that end, GPA added an evaluation track to improve interaction between evaluators and grant writers that will ultimately result in better program designs, better proposals, and better program evaluations.

Gary’s presentation focused on the nuts and bolts of how to write an evaluation plan. Evaluators have received a warm welcome at GPA, and even though his session was in the final time slot of the final day of the conference, the room was filled to capacity. A special shout out to #Portland, a great city with wonderful people, great public transportation, and green lanes for bicycles only on many city streets!

Gary began using Twitter at the conference (@GCevaluator), with the conference hashtag #GPACONF2014.

Gary’s PowerPoint Presentation: