June 26, 2017

At Via, we know how important it is for you to be able to tell your story. Whether you’re a part of an organization, program, or coalition, your story is integral to your efforts. Funding, participation, engagement, awareness, and even culture are dependent upon your ability to your story.

We can help with that.

Does your company run on quantitative data, leaving you in a pile of numbers just too big to sort through? Our team has spent significant time researching data visualization and would love to help you sort and weave your data into a stunning, visual story.

Maybe you run a coalition of passionate, engaged individuals full of opportunities for persuasive qualitative data. Via offers services including in-depth interviews, focus groups, and participant observations to help people like you gather this data.

No matter what your story is, Via can help you tell it. For more information call us at (716) 362-0627, or email us at info@viaeval.com