May 20, 2015

Grant funding for capital and organizational development needs tends to be limited, as most foundations focus their efforts on funding programs. The Western New York Foundation offers an excellent opportunity to acquire funding for non-programmatic needs, through their biannual grants for Collaboration and Strategic Restructuring (nonprofit mergers) and Capacity Building, the latter of which can include projects related to Technology, Facility Renovations, Resource Development, Marketing and Communications, New Equipment, and Financial Management. Grants are considered in the following categories: Human Services; Education; Urban and Rural Development; Arts, Culture, and Humanities; and Housing, Park and Land Use.

These competitive grants go to well-managed organizations with active Boards, whose proposed projects strongly align with the organization’s strategic plan and with well-defined, measurable organizational needs. The Alignment Determination Application (pre-application) is due on June 30. Via Evaluation can assist you with this grant application, and can also assist with strategic planning and organizational development, if your organization is not yet ready for this grant. Call us today.