September 27, 2018

One of our biggest priorities at VIA is we ensure you have your data quickly and well before any deadlines. More than that, we want to guarantee that data is usable and understandable for you. The way to make that happen? Being there when you need us most.

Our team realized that long before VIA changed its tagline to “Expert. Timely. Responsive,” We had embodied that workstyle for years. Timely reports, information, and support are something we take very seriously.

Take Amy. Not only is she committed to getting her clients their data – informal and reports – in a time frame that allows them to really USE the information, she’s also committed to taking the time for clients to understand their data. Amy – and all the team – will make time for clients when they need her. Recently, in the middle of our incredibly busy reporting season, one of her clients wanted some advice and support planning a future program path. Amy made sure to make time for her client when they needed her and did not shy away from that phone call. As she said herself, “It’s worth it to me to give clients the information and support they need when they need it.” How’s that for timely? (For that matter, responsive, too!)

Erin Holbrook