September 4, 2018

Now, as important as being timely experts is to creating a good evaluation team, it wouldn’t mean much if we didn’t take the time to get to know our clients and their needs.

Gregg, our newest teammate, recently got a first-hand look at what responsiveness is like here at VIA. Within his first two weeks, he was put on a newer type of project for us – quarterly update reports summarizing a variety of client and caregiver assessments. Gregg and I worked together to make a set of eight data update summaries, each one very visual and tailored to its matching assessment. Following completion of the reports, Gregg participated in a phone call with our client contact reviewing each summary and noting any changes suggested by the client and their team.

“Working with clients and being responsive to their specific needs is one of my favorite parts of the job now. Talking through the report and having the ability to change and edit details to efficiently portray the results and conclusions is not only enjoyable, but also incredibly important if we want our clients to be able to utilize their data.”Gregg

What can I say? I am incredibly fortunate to work with this team, and Amy, Gregg, and Emily embody our new tagline, “Expert. Timely. Responsive.” The thing is, it’s more than just a tagline. It is a commitment to and the promise of a workstyle that we genuinely believe will bolster our community and yours.

Erin Holbrook