September 30, 2013

AEA LogoSeveral members of the Via Evaluation team will be presenting at the American Evaluation Association (AEA) annual conference in Washington, DC the week of October 14th, 2013.

At 1:45pm on October 18th, Jessica Weitzel will chair “Successes and Challenges of Education Evaluation and Evaluation Capacity Building within an International Context: Governments and Schools in Santiago, Chile Propose to Address School Violence Utilizing National and International Educational, Training, and Evaluation Teams”. During the session, Gary Ciurczak will present about planning for evaluation capacity building in schools with national and international partners and a representative of the University Central de Chile will present about construction of a school index of vulnerability.

Dr. Ciurczak also will be presenting, as part of a panel, “The Business of Evaluation: Transitioning Ownership and Control of Evaluation Organizations” with Leah Goldstein Moses of The Improve Group and Richard Hezel of Hezel Associates, LLC at 8am on October 19th.

Caroline Taggart and Ms. Weitzel will be presenting “Don’t Let Your Data be a Doorstop: How to Convey Results for Action”  at 9:50 am on October 19th.

Amy Puca will be attending the conference as well. All Via Evaluation evaluators are members of AEA, and many attend the AEA conferences annually. We look forward to networking with colleagues, learning more about the latest approaches and techniques for evaluation, and sharing our experiences.