March 17, 2015


Via Evaluation team members Jessica Weitzel and Caroline Taggart attended the spring conference of the Society for Research on Educational Effectiveness in Washington, DC March 5th-7th, 2015.

Despite a snowstorm that shut down the federal government and just about everything else the first day of the conference, the Via Team were able to attend many informative sessions with distinguished education researchers. Session topics included non-cognitive/social-emotional skill building and outcomes, large-scale scale-up and validation i3 grant evaluations, validity of teacher observations and accountability mechanisms, and evaluations of after-school, literacy, math, mentoring, summer, and similar programs.

One of the keynote speakers, Dr. Mark Greenberg of Pennsylvania State University, emphasized in his address that education research and interventions would benefit from a greater integration of public health prevention frameworks and clearer communication of evaluation findings. Via Evaluation staff have much experience in both of these areas.

Jessica (@usefuleval) tweeted throughout the conference. To see the conference feed and join the conversation, check out #SREE2015.

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