April 12, 2023


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BUFFALO, NY- Via Evaluation, after successfully completing a six-month trial period for a four-day week, will proceed with a four-day work week through the end of 2023. The pandemic has forever changed the way we work. As hybrid workplaces, flexible schedules, and shorter work weeks become the new norm, more employers are exploring these options for their businesses. Via Evaluation’s CEO, Komani Lundquist Cedano, and President, Jessica Weitzel, were initially hesitant about trying a 4-day work week pilot with 4 Day Week Global, but they decided to give it a go. With proper preparation and communication, they successfully implemented the trial period and learned valuable lessons.


Here are the steps that helped the company:


PREPARE: Determine if a 4-day work week is feasible for your business before implementing it.

Record Productivity-

Via Evaluation collects meaningful data for their clients, and they use time-tracking to understand their own productivity. By recording billable and non-billable hours, they could gauge their workload and identify areas to improve productivity even before the pilot.


Talking to the team about the change and gathering feedback is crucial. Via Evaluation held one-on-one meetings and created an anonymous survey to address any concerns.

ADJUST: Ease into the change and customize it to fit your company.

Ease In-

Via Evaluation encouraged their team to schedule a few Fridays off before the trial period to test how they could adjust their work habits.


Each company is unique, and the 4-day work week can look different for different businesses.

Follow the rules- Modeling the rules and behaviors for the team is important. This means not responding to emails outside of work hours and not sending work to the team during their day off.

SURVIVE: Make the most of the day off and continue regular discussion with the team. 

Make the most of the day off- Encourage your team to use their day off for personal time to reduce burnout and increase productivity.

Regular Discussion- Check in with the team to understand how they are handling the new schedule.


Productivity- Via Evaluation found that the 4-day work week increased productivity and allowed for better work-life balance.

Mental Health and Burnout– The extra day off can reduce burnout and improve mental health.

Retention and Recruitment: A 4-day work week can attract new talent and improve retention rates.

Quality Work for Clients– A rested team produces better work, which benefits clients.


Via Evaluation’s successful 4-day work week trial shows that it’s possible to adjust to a shorter work week with the right preparation and communication. Employers who prioritize their employees’ well-being by implementing a 4-day work week can improve productivity, reduce burnout, and attract new talent.



About Via Evaluation: Via Evaluation (VIA) is a women-owned evaluation consulting firm that helps organizations use their data to improve their programs. We focus on schools, non-profits, and community-based organizations. We analyze data and provide reports that are easy to understand and allow that data to tell their story clearly, which enables our clients to focus their energy on improving their programs rather than spending time interpreting the data on their own. Our goal is to help them ensure community voices and needs are incorporated into the feedback and development of their services, programs, and other offerings.