March 4, 2024

We’re proud to be a certified Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE) in the world of evaluation and strategy consulting! Here are a few ways we’re committed to making a difference locally and in the professional sphere.

🌐 Local Impact:
We take pride in our roots in Buffalo, New York! As a WBE, we’re dedicated to making a positive impact not only in the Buffalo community but throughout the entire state of New York and beyond.

📌 Equity:
At VIA, we champion inclusivity and equity in every aspect of our work. By incorporating community voices, we create solutions that not only capture the diversity of perspectives but also emphasize equity, ensuring our analyses consider and address the unique needs of every individual and community.

🖋 Professionally:
Navigating grants can be complex, and that’s where we shine. We understand the importance of being a WBE for many grant opportunities. Our expertise in program evaluations helps organizations in NYS and beyond stand out in the grant application process, ensuring they meet crucial requirements.

Among this certification, we are also proud members of: