September 3, 2015

Via EvaluationWith the promise of BBQ and desserts, last Thursday we tore ourselves away from our datasets, closed our RFPs, and headed to Komani’s house for our annual Via-Q to celebrate the end of another successful reporting season. We had a lot to celebrate! In the past 2 months, we analyzed data for, wrote, and submitted nearly 30 high-quality, tailored evaluation reports for education and other programs throughout New York state.

Thanks to our shared dedication to living our core values of Team Squad and Commitment to Work/Life Balance, we made it through our busiest time of year while still enjoying some summer adventures with our families and friends.

The Via-Q had so many great elements: potluck culinary masterpieces, staff members’ children playing together, the incredible historic neighborhood, and chickens! Henrietta, Penny, Peanut, and the rest of the feathered family stole the show! Bawk!

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