September 28, 2016

Via Evaluation (formerly Ciurczak & Company, Inc.) has extensive experience conducting high-quality evaluations of 21st CCLC out-of-school-time and other grants throughout New York State. We have evaluated over 50 unique New York State 21st CCLC grants, participating in each round of 21st CCLC funding. Via Evaluation is very familiar with the required evaluation manual, and provided input to the state evaluators as the manual was formulated.

Via Evaluation is involved with several after-school networks in New York State, regularly attends 21st CCLC trainings for grantees around the state, and has presented at the Network for Youth Success of New York State conference. We have provided extensive training on logic models, and have collaboratively created logic models for dozens of clients.

Although we may work on many 21st CCLC and other evaluations, we tailor each evaluation to the unique needs of each client and the communities served by the program, in addition to grant requirements.

We will work with your grant writing team to help you determine appropriate measures and write a high-quality evaluation section that will answer grant requirements in the short term, and help you with continuous quality improvement in the longer term.

[callout title=”Want to Work with Us?” buttontext=”Contact Us” buttonlink=”” button_size=”small” button_text=”Contact Us”] If you would like Via Evaluation to work with you on your 21st CCLC application, please call us at 716-362-0627 or send us an email.