October 02, 2020

Yesterday, the VIA team completed the annual NYS Sexual Harassment Prevention Training, led by Lori Miller of Developing Professionals, which was extremely interactive and fostered great staff conversations.

“Via Evaluation takes our Harassment policy seriously. I was pleased to have our entire staff together today, participating in meaningful conversations during our NY State annual training. Our team takes part in this training every year, and I feel like we get something new out of it each time”, said Kelli Cavo, VIA’s office manager.

The main topics that were covered were:

  • Defining harassment.
  • Two types of workplace harassment.
  • Policies & Procedures.
  • How to handle harassment.

Sexual harassment prevention is essential to VIA’s values organization and in NYS. Miller informed us of more significant workplace discrimination and harassment protections under the NYS Human Rights Law, signed by Governor Andrew Cuomo in 2019. Through this training, we learned about the tools and strategies our staff can use, in and outside the workplace, so we know how to react, respond and handle situations appropriately and professionally.

VIA has a strict Sexual Harassment Policy within our employee handbook, that is always available to staff, with information and resources to keep the company safe and unhostile. We will continue to support our policies updated to protect all clients and employees as best as possible.