October 16, 2014

buffalo_public_schools_reportVia Evaluation understands that context matters. From design to implementation and impact, understanding the social and political environments in which programs operate is essential to creating a solid program that will produce intended outcomes.  We have the fortunate opportunity to provide evaluation services to Buffalo Public Schools as well as numerous community-based organizations that serve the students of Buffalo, including seven of the nine providers of 21st Century after-school programming. As such, we feel a responsibility to keep in touch with both the challenges and opportunities facing Buffalo Public Schools.

Caroline Taggart and Emily Hagstrom, two of our evaluation staff, attended a luncheon on Wednesday, October 15th, in the “At Issue” series by the Investigative Post titled, “Reforming Buffalo Schools.”

Panelists at the luncheon event included Buffalo Public Schools Interim Superintendent Donald Ogilvie, Charter School for Applied Technologies Superintendent Efrain Martinez, and local attorney and school reform advocate, Steven Polowitz. Speakers highlighted the challenges currently facing Buffalo Public Schools, as well as potential ideas for reform and improvement. This context will allow Via Evaluation to continue working closely with clients and stakeholders to produce evaluation questions and results that are meaningful and useful in creating and maintaining programs that have a positive impact in our community.