August 13, 2015

National Science FoundationThe National Science Foundation has $110 million available for new and continuing awards for its Improving Undergraduate STEM Education: Education and Human Resources program. This grant will fund qualified scientists, engineers, and educators to conduct projects related to the large- and small-scale development and implementation of innovative practices in undergraduate STEM education. This program has two tracks: Engaged Student Learning, and Institutional and Community Transformation. Within each track, there are two tiers of projects: Exploration and Design, and Development and Implementation. There will be an estimated 140 awards, which will range from $300,000 to $5,000,000 for grant periods of 3-5 years, depending on project type.

NSF has published deadlines into 2017 for this program. The published deadlines for Exploration and Design projects are 11/3/15 and 11/2/16. The published deadlines for Development and Implementation projects are 1/13/16 and 1/11/17.

NSF grants require evaluation plans. Via Evaluation can help your organization develop and implement an evaluation, as well as assist with other parts of the proposal. For more information, contact Gary Ciurczak at (716) 362-0627 or send us an email.

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