NYSED K-12 LiteracyThe US Department of Education has just released the Innovative Approaches to Literacy grant request. This federally funded program provides high-need LEAs (school districts) with the funding they need to improve the literacy skills of their K-12 students. Funds will support innovative programs that promote early literacy for young children, motivate older children to read, increase student achievement by using school libraries as partners, distribute free books to children and their families, and offer high-quality literacy activities. Proposals are due on 5/9/16 so interested applicants must act fast.

High-need LEAs (at least 25% of students ages 5-17 are from families with incomes below the poverty line), National Nonprofits (not local affiliates), and consortia of these entities are eligible to apply for these 2-year grants. ED has projected 30 awards of an average of $500k per year for LEAs, and 2-6 awards of an average of $3M per year for NNPs.

This program requires a program evaluation. Via Evaluation has extensive experience writing and evaluating state and federal education grants. For more information, contact Holly Dickinson, Director of Grant Writing, or give us a call at (716) 362-0627.

Quick Sheet (PDF)

   Innovative Approaches to Literacy (ED)