April 26, 2017

This week marks the 10th anniversary of Jessica Weitzel’s first day of work at Via Evaluation. She was already working as an evaluator, and arrived here with strong recommendations from everyone she worked with. She immediately distinguished herself with an outstanding ability to understand complex projects quickly, and conduct excellent evaluations. As Via Evaluation grew over the past 10 years, she became a leader among the evaluators, and, when asked, moved smoothly into management while always maintaining a role as an evaluator. She has developed expertise in many new evaluation areas that she happily shares with everyone here. Highly respected by evaluation colleagues across the country, her organized and creative thinking about both evaluation and management regularly inspires all of us who work with her. In July, we look forward to her becoming the next President of Via Evaluation, and a partner in our long-term future.

Please join us in congratulating Jessica Weitzel!