Grant FundingConducting grant research is a time-intensive process that requires a thorough examination of the alignment between an organization’s mission and activities, and the mission, strategies, and previous funding histories of potential funders. Good grant research is very important for ensuring that organizational resources are spent wisely, in pursuit of viable funding opportunities.

Via Evaluation offers a Comprehensive Grant Opportunity Report (“GO Report”) that identifies foundation and government sources that are appropriate and realistic for an organization to target, considering organizational development and priorities. Each report contains a description of the research methods and results of the grant research conducted specifically for the organization, and recommendations for next steps. Via Evaluation recently completed a GO Report for our client 467 Richmond Avenue LLC, and they are finding it very useful!

Funding For Your Organization

Do you want to know what funding is available for your organization? Interested in learning more about the GO Report promotion? Contact Holly Dickinson, Director of Grant Writing, at (716) 362-0627 or send an email to arrange a free consultation.