May 18, 2018

The 2018-21 Learning Technology Grant was released by NYSED, due 6/8/2018. There is still time to decide to apply if you act now. Here are four reasons that may help your district make that decision.

  1. Funding is higher than it was in the past.
    • The award maximum is now $100K/year for three years for an eligible (outside of the Big 4) district, and $200K/year for three years for an eligible consortium or a Big 4 district.
  2. NYSED has changed their award procedures, increasing the opportunities for winning an award.
    • At least one eligible applicant from each of the seven NYS Rest of State regions will receive an award.
  3. Bonus points support applications from districts with high needs, including
    • Districts with Priority or Focus Schools,
    • High percentage of English Language Learners and/or students with disabilities,
    • High percentage of economically disadvantaged students,
    • Being classified as rural.
  4. The RFP requires all grantees to complete three phases of the project.
    • The first phase, if needed, allows time for strategic planning, materials creation, professional development planning, and more, prior to implementation.

Every grant awardee is required to use evidence-based evaluation methodologies and tools. These will be used to submit a report detailing programs strengths and weaknesses, adjustments they will make, additional areas for development, and their next steps.

VIA is a Certified Women-Owned Business Enterprise (WBE), and our team has maintained a singular focus on using evidence-based evaluation to improve programming since we began 20 years ago.

We have evaluated many LTG projects with Big Four and Rest of State districts. Find out how Via Evaluation can support your grant writing team and evaluate your project by calling Gary at (716) 362-0627 or emailing