The U.S. Department of Education has released several requests for proposals recently. One of the grant lines that has reemerged from years past is the Strengthening Institutions (often referred to as “Title III”) grant program. The purpose of the grant is to help institutions of higher education (IHEs) become self-sufficient and expand capacity to serve low-income students by improving academic quality, institutional management, and fiscal stability.

The Department will fund both individual IHE and cooperative grants. Awards range from $400,000-$550,000 per year, for up to 5 years.

VIA has evaluated several Strengthening Institutions and related grants. We have worked with organizations during the grant writing process to refine program objectives and measures, and write evaluation plans. Quality of objectives is worth more than 15 points, and the Evaluation Plan is worth 15 points this round.

Applications are due July 19th, so contact us soon if you are interested in working together.