February 08, 2022

The journey to becoming an evaluator for Dr. Ashley Hazelwood, can be credited to her inquisitive nature as a child. “A million little choices and interactions culminated in what I do today. From the time I was a little girl, I often asked questions that stumped adults!” She continued to search for answers through school, church, and home–Eventually, finding that her question became rooted in topics of justice and injustice. “I essentially wanted to understand why Black folx, in particular, were subject to such gross oppression in our world and made a commitment early on to actively dedicate my life to DOING something about it.”

Hazelwood, born and raised in Jersey City, NJ, lived there until she pursued a double major in Human Development and English at Boston College. During her time at Boston College, she determined a want and need for more education in the field of Education. Hazelwood went on to earn both a Master’s and Doctorate exclusively in Education.
“Today, I find that my role as an Evaluator satiates my desire to be a dynamic professional, to understand community in greater ways, to ask critical questions that drive to outcomes of social justice, and to center the human condition of especially BIPOC individuals.”
Since joining VIA, Ashley has held a crucial role in leading, planning and implementing equity-driven work (internally and externally) along with her client and project-focused duties as an Evaluation Project Manager. Hazelwood says, “My role as VIA’s Equity and Inclusion specialist is so core to who I am that I feel beyond blessed to be carrying this out in a professional setting.” We are so thankful for Dr. Ashley’s knowledge and expertise that she brings to VIA.

Celebrating Black History Month.