November 10, 2021

Evaluation Project Manager, Erin Holbrook, and Research Associate, Rebekah Kimble will be presenting with Lauren Nitecki of Cicatelli Associates, Inc (CAI) this Friday, November 12th.

The presentation will be an overview of VIA’s and CAI’s virtual adaptation of a small, local Participatory Asset Mapping (PAM) activity while emphasizing the the importance of community involvement in public health initiatives, using the HOPE Buffalo project as an example. The HOPE Buffalo project, led by Erin (VIA) and Lauren (CAI), aimed to reduce teen pregnancy and STI rates in Buffalo, NY. In using PAM, the valuable community-led voice can be gathered for data to: identifying gaps in services; expanding existing community strengths, as defined by the community; facilitating community involvement in evaluation and action; and understanding community capacity. Erin will reviewing PAMs, how the community can be engaged, and the virtual tools and methods used.

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