October 6, 2016

Plan Partnerships Now for Powerful Grant Proposals LaterBuilding partnerships with organizations that provide similar or complementary services to your organization is an important part of grant readiness. Many funders require that grant applicants partner with other organizations or include them as subcontractors to deliver services. This is true of the 21st Century Community Learning Centers grant, where school districts and nonprofits are required to partner with each other to implement afterschool programs. Collaborating with other organizations on grant projects can increase your organization’s competitiveness by demonstrating a greater potential impact on a targeted community issue for less investment by the funder. Through development of a partnership, unnecessary duplication of services is avoided, administrative and overhead costs are reduced, and program design and implementation is strengthened through the inclusion of a variety of stakeholders. These are things funders love!

Free Consultation

For best results, partnership development and program design should occur well before a grant RFP is on the table. Via Evaluation’s Grants Department can help your organization design competitive programs that effectively incorporate community partners now, for successful grant proposals later. For a free consultation, contact Holly Dickinson, Director of Grants, at (716) 362-0627 or send an email.