October 20, 2016

Jessica Weitzel will be presenting an “Ask an Evaluator” workshop session at the 48th Annual Conference of the New York State Outdoor Education Association (NYSOEA) November 4th. NYSOEA is a professional membership organization that supports outdoor and environmental education. The conference will take place at the picturesque Watson Homestead Conference and Retreat Center, and includes sessions on fun, applied geology, biology, astronomy, and related activities.

Recognizing that evaluation and measurement requirements are increasing in the realm of environmental education, a NYSOEA board member requested that Via Evaluation present to the group. Ms. Weitzel also has spoken to members of a Western New York Environmental Alliance working group about integrating evaluation into their work.

Via Evaluation has experience working with National Science Foundation and NOAA grants, in addition to evaluating summer camp, science education, and similar programs.

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