The U.S. Department of Education has released a Request for Proposals for the National Professional Development Program. The purpose of the grant is to provide professional development to improve classroom instruction for English Language Learners. Competitive Preference Priority points are available to projects that are supported by moderate evidence of effectiveness and/or are designed to improve parent, family, and community engagement. The letter of intent to apply is due March 13th and the final application is due April 24th.

The evaluation section of the grant is worth 20 points, and requires that the evaluation design could meet the What Works Clearinghouse Evidence Standards without Reservations. This level of rigor requires extensive expertise.

Via Evaluation staff has the What Works Clearinghouse Group Design Standards Training Certificate, and is familiar with the NPD grant. The company also has nearly 15 years of experience evaluating programs designed to enhance learning among English Language Learner students.

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