Description of Grant: 

The time to put together your application for the FY 2023 Federal Full-Service Community Schools (FSCS) grant is NOW! The grant is due August 8th and requires substantial planning and coordination of community partners and schools. This is the largest amount of funding to date for the grant line, with $74 million available for new awards. The grant line supports the planning, implementation, and operation of full-service community schools that improve the coordination, integration, accessibility, and effectiveness of services for children and families. It’s a fantastic resource to bring wrap-around, coordinated services into schools and communities. 

 A requirement of this grant is that grantees must have an independent evaluation, which includes a design and implementation plan that assesses progress on an annual basis, uses data and findings to refine and improve activities, and collects and reports on a set of common indicators. This round also requires participation in a federal evaluation. 

 Link to grant: Full-Service Community Schools Program (FSCS) – Office of Elementary and Secondary Education

  Who is Eligible? 

  •  Lead Education Agency (LEA) 
  • one or more Local Education Agencies; or The Bureau of Indian Education; and 
  • one or more community-based organizations, nonprofit organizations, or other public or private entities 
  • must include at least 1 LEA, 2 qualifying schools, and a community partner 

 Choose VIA as your evaluator! Why? 

Via Evaluation has over 25 years of experience evaluating federal U.S. Department of Education grants, including Full-Service Community Schools, in multiple states. Our services also include program evaluations and needs assessments for schools. Interested in more information? Book your virtual meeting now!