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At Via Evaluation we believe that the way to better results lies in forming a truly collaborative partnership with our clients, and includes understanding, and being responsive to, their needs. It is an integral part of who we are as a company. With that in mind, we now provide full grant writing and program design services.

As a company that focuses on high level technical writing, research, program evaluation, and data analysis, and that prides itself on a strong and up-to-date knowledge base, we provide our clients with a complete perspective when developing programs they are looking to implement and fund. That means that we can assist you from the outset of program design, with the end in mind. This process puts you in a better position to be awarded grant funding that supports your organization’s initiatives. We have the experience and skills to advance your impact and we’re confident that you will find working with Via Evaluation to be a truly unique and rewarding experience.

Services We Provide

Learn about what you need to become “grant ready” by taking our Grant Readiness Assessment, and put your organization in the best position to fund and implement a quality program.

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No organization can be awarded funding without a well conceptualized program. This essential step in the Grant Development process, begun after an organization is considered “grant ready” via a GRA, will provide your organization with the building blocks of a successful grant application.

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Once you know what you’re looking to fund, you need to know what funding you are eligible to receive and what is available to your organization and when. Finding this information can be a daunting task.

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Grant writing is at the heart of what we do. We work with your organization’s staff and bring all of our resources to bear on producing the best possible application in response to your chosen grant Request for Proposal (RFP).

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Not all proposals are written for grant funding purposes, if you need a proposal written and don’t know where to start, or don’t have the technical writing skills to do it, we can help.

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The Grant Development Process


The Grant Development Process
The Grant Project/Program Cycle

Via Grants Team

We know that grant development and writing is not everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s what makes us tick. It takes a special brand of person to get excited about grant writing, but you’ve found us here at Via Evaluation.  Right now we’re a team of two (with collaboration and support from the entire Via Evaluation staff) but expect to keep growing. Yes, we work with data, and do research, and are very technical and analytical, but we get as excited about our clients’ programs as they do.

What drives our passion for program design and grant writing is the knowledge that, together with our clients, we are helping to improve the quality of life and create positive social change for the people in our community and in communities like ours across the state. You want to make life better for people, and we want to help your organization do it.

Here are some of the grants that we’ve written to help schools and nonprofits make positive changes:

Federal Grants

• Arts in Education – Model Development and Dissemination
• Assistance to Firefighters Grant (AFG)
• AT&T ConnectED
• Carol White Physical Education Program (PEP)
• Elementary and Secondary School Counseling (ESSC)
• Farm to School
• Professional Development for Arts Educators,
• School Climate Transformation
• Youth CareerConnect

State Grants

• 21st Century Community Learning Centers (21st CCLC)
• Child Abduction Prevention Education (CAPE)
• Extended School Day/School Violence Prevention (ESD/SVP)
• Local Government Records Management Improvement Fund (LGRMIF)
• New York State Performance Improvement,
• NYS Main Street
• Operation Impact Tools
• Parks Program
• Pathways to Technology (rounds 2 and 3)
• Program Development Grant to Prepare Students with Disabilities to Exit School with Work Readiness Skills
• School Improvement Grant (SIG)
• School Innovation Fund (SIF)
• Strengthening Teacher and Leader Effectiveness (STLE)
• Urban and Community Forestry
• Virtual Advanced Placement

County Grants

• Community Development Block Grant (CDBG)
• Summer Primetime Program
• Youth Development Programming

Foundation Grants

• Collaboration and Restructuring Program
• East Hill Foundation WNY Grant
• Peter and Elizabeth C. Tower Foundation Learning Disabilities Annual Cycle
• Peter and Elizabeth C. Tower Foundation Mental Health Annual Cycle
• Peter and Elizabeth C. Tower Foundation Substance Abuse Annual Cycle
• Rochester Area Community Foundation Youth and Families
• United Way of Buffalo and Erie County Community Investments Cycle
• Western New York Foundation Capacity Building

Holly Dickinson Director of Grant Writing
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