Sustainability Analysis

Eval Product

This project results in a report providing a snapshot of the current providers of services to students in the district that are funded by grants or other sources, and implemented by community based organizations. It will also report on services provided throughout the district through its own internal grants. The services will be reviewed as to their effectiveness of reaching their stated objectives according to their own annual reports, and their goals and objectives will be reviewed for alignment with district goals and objectives. The information gathered here will be organized into queryable databases and provided to the district in a way that will be most sustainable for the district.

Project Deliverables

The specific deliverables that will result from this project are summarized below.

  • Internal Grant Database (in a format most useful to the district for both databases, e.g. Excel, Access, or other format as desired);
  • Supplemental Services Database;
  • A full report summarizing findings related to topics outlined above;
  • Recommendations for next steps to more fully understand and address key issues raised by the analysis;
  • Suggestions for grant lines to consider to address gaps, if any are found;
  • Training to district staff to sustain the databases within the district on an on-going basis;
  • Recommendations to build district capacity in this area, including:
    • ideas for future data collection and analysis methods that may improve the district’s ability to analyze and interpret these data;
    • ideas on ways to predict future issues and address them;
    • ideas on professional development that may facilitate district capacity building in these areas.

These results will be immediately useable to the district as they will provide additional information for review for all service provision, grant activities, and the distribution and quality of current student support services.

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