High School Graduate and Dropout Analysis

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Project Purpose and Value

This project explores factors contributing to both graduation and dropout in the district. It includes quantitative analysis of data known from the literature to be related to school graduation and dropout, and takes into account local variables of importance. The project also incorporates qualitative data analysis. It entails identifying and interviewing students who dropped out of the district, as well as those who graduated despite having risk factors for dropping out. The responses will help determine not only what contributes to a student’s decision to dropout, but also what factors can help keep a student in school until graduation. This knowledge will help the district support previously developed approaches with additional information as well as address newly found issues in ways consistent with the literature and current best practices.

Project Deliverables

The result of this work will provide the district with a detailed and specific portrait of their dropout and graduation situation. These results can be used to better inform current programs aiming to reduce dropout and improve the graduation rate. The results could also provide strong evidence for future grant applications and to secure funding specifically designated for increasing the graduation rate and targeting students at risk for dropping out. By understanding the particular conditions that students in the district face, the district will be better positioned to ensure that they are providing the best opportunity for all students to graduate. The specific deliverables that will result from this project are summarized below.

  • A full report detailing the results of the interviews, activities, and analysis outlined, along with any changes to the project as suggested by the district;
  • Copies of the quantitative data in a format most useful to the district (Excel, Access, SPSS, or other format as desired);
  • Recommendations for next steps to more fully understand and address key issues raised by the analysis;
  • Recommendations to build district capacity in this area, including:
    • ideas for future data collection and analysis methods that may improve the district’s ability to analyze and interpret data;
    •  ideas on ways to predict future issues and address them with prevention approaches;
    •  ideas on professional development that may facilitate district capacity building in these areas.

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