What Are Custom Databases?

A custom database provides a district or organization with the ability to collect data or information on a specific topic in the most effective and efficient way possible. Because it is designed in collaboration with the organization, the database can be formatted to make it easy to input or view data from multiple parties. A custom database can be developed using software already owned by the organization, such as Microsoft Excel or Access, or in another format, as desired.

Via Evaluation will work closely with various stakeholders, including project staff and program participants, to design a data collection system that meets the needs of the district or organization.

What Do I Get If I Invest in Databases and Data Collection Systems?

The specific deliverables that will result from this project are summarized below:

  • A user-friendly database that meets the needs of the district or organization;
  • The ability to use a database throughout an organization;
  • A secure, password protected system;
  • The ability to report data in a format most useful to the organization (Excel, Access, SPSS, or other format as desired);
  • Recommendations for next steps to more fully understand and address key data collection and analysis issues;
  • Recommendations to build organizational capacity in this area, including:
    • ideas for future data collection and analysis methods that may improve the organization’s ability to analyze and interpret data on an on-going basis,
    • ideas on ways to predict future issues and address them appropriately, and
    • ideas on professional development that may build an organization’s capacity in these areas.
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