Why Should I ask VIA for Survey Assistance?

Surveys are a great way to collect information about your organization or program. Although surveys seem like a simple data collection tool, designing good surveys that will provide the information you need can be quite complex. A poorly designed survey is a waste of time and other resources, and can lead to poor decisions based on inaccurate information.

The evaluators at VIA have all been trained by experts in survey design, and have extensive experience creating surveys that gather meaningful information. We work with clients to find a balance between survey length and information needs, and ensure that survey content is appropriate for those completing the survey.

What do I get if I ask VIA for Survey Assistance?

Via Evaluation can help you with many aspects of survey design, administration, and analysis. Options include:

  • Creation of a survey tailored to your needs
  • Assistance with selection of an existing tool that meets your needs
  • Online survey hosting
  • Creation of procedures, letters, and scripts related to survey administration
  • Participation in a stakeholder survey advisory committee
  • Survey data cleaning
  • Survey data analysis
  • Custom survey reports at various levels (e.g., district and school)
  • Other presentations of results.

Our survey reports employ data visualization tools to help users easily understand survey results


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