VIA is a team of experts, dedicated to providing timely and responsive evaluation services.

[band variation=”default”] [row] [column width=”one-sixth”] [/column] [column width=”one-third”] [person boxed=”no” link=”” name=”Jessica Weitzel, MPH” role=”President & Co-owner” image=”” twitter=”” linkedin=”″ ]

Jessica loves to help organizations use data! As President and Director of Evaluation, she leads the team at VIA. She also works directly with community-based organizations, schools, and non-profits to measure and improve the quality of their services.

[/person] [/column] [column width=”one-third”] [person boxed=”no” link=”” name=”Komani Lundquist Cedano” role=”CEO & Co-owner” image=”” twitter=”” linkedin=”” email=””]Never happier than when everything is running smoothly at Via Evaluation, Komani makes us tick, her hand is in everything we do from overseeing company finances and human relations to leading strategic planning.[/person] [/column] [/row] [band variation=”default”] [row] [column width=”one-third”] [person boxed=”no” link=”” name=”Amy Puca, MS, MA” role=”Senior Evaluator” image=”” linkedin=”” ]Amy enjoys everything about evaluation, especially when it involves merging her two career passions, education and social science. She believes in the ability of well planned, implemented, and evaluated programs to improve the lives of children.[/person] [/column] [column width=”one-third”] [person boxed=”no” link=”” name=”Caroline Taggart, MPH” role=”Senior Evaluator” image=”” linkedin=””]Caroline loves nothing more than to see how her work as an evaluator helps organizations achieve their goals through planning and evaluation. For her, being part of the positive change process is what it’s all about.[/person] [/column] [column width=”one-third”] [person boxed=”no” link=”” name=”Emily Hagstrom, MS Ed” role=”Senior Evaluator” image=”” twitter=”” linkedin=”” ]Using her background in education and her bilingual skills, Emily drives the evaluation of multiple afterschool programs both in upstate and downstate New York, satisfying her love of combining Pk-12 education with evaluation supported results.[/person] [/column] [/row] [band variation=”default”] [row] [column width=”one-third”] [person boxed=”no” link=”” name=”Kelli Cavo” role=”Office Manager” image=”” linkedin=”” ]Kelli brings together the organization by helping to coordinate all of our moving parts, she helps us find more ways to be a great place to work. She also monitors our HIPAA compliance.[/person] [/column] [column width=”one-third”] [person boxed=”no” link=”” name=”Erin Holbrook, BA” role=”Evaluation Project Manager” image=”” linkedin=”″]Erin has a passion for education, service, social advocacy, and community engagement. She hopes to empower Buffalo organizations and schools by using data-driven decision making and evaluation.[/person] [/column] [column width=”one-third”] [person boxed=”no” link=”” name=”Gregg Byrne, MA” role=”Research Associate” image=”” linkedin=””]Gregg uses his educational experience to foster his love for applied research and dive into data and systems at VIA![/person] [/column] [/row] [band variation=”default”] [row] [column width=”one-third”] [person boxed=”no” link=”” name=”Rebekah Kimble, BA, MA” role=”Research Associate” image=”” linkedin=”″]Rebekah is looking forward to using her background in education, criminal justice, and writing to serve Via Evaluation’s clients.[/person] [/column] [column width=”one-third”] [person boxed=”no” link=”” name=”Shontay Barnes, MA” role=”Research Associate” image=”” linkedin=”“] Shontay is eager to apply her background and education to her work at VIA to help us improve programs. [/person] [/column] [column width=”one-third”] [/column] [column width=”one-third”] [person boxed=”no” link=”” name=”Vicki Zimmer, BA, MS” role=”Research Associate” image=”” linkedin=”“] Vicki is very excited to continue to learn and expand her skillset at Via Evaluation, and is eager to support schools and organizations in Western New York to use data to guide decision-making and program improvement.[/person] [/column] [/row] [band variation=”default”] [row] [column width=”one-third”] [person boxed=”no” link=”” name=”Deb Spearing, Ph.D.” role=”Special Projects Consultant” image=”circle.png” linkedin=”“] Deb is excited to join VIA and use her skills to accelerate elements of the company strategic plan to adapt to current conditions.[/person] [/column] [column width=”one-third”] [person boxed=”no” link=”” name=”Shanleigh Corrallo, Ph.D.” role=”Evaluation Project Manager” image=”” linkedin=””] Shanleigh is excited to join VIA and support clients in collecting and using data to improve their programs. Her experience working on state-wide projects will bring a great deal of experience and knowledge to VIA clients.[/person] [/column] [column width=”one-third”] [person boxed=”no” link=”” name=”Jackie Sifuentes” role=”Intern” image=”” linkedin=”“] Jackie joined the team a student ready to continue her professional education for applied social sciences.[/person] [/column] [/row][band variation=”default”] [row] [column width=”one-third”] [person boxed=”no” link=”” name=”Jennifer Duer, MBA” role=”Administrative Assistant” image=”circle.png” linkedin=”“] Jennifer has joined us as to provide support to the administrative and leadership teams.[/person] [/column] [column width=”one-third”] [/column] [column width=”one-third”]


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